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That thing when you arrive do an audiobook #voiceover & you find out the character is from Cork & not America! Ya that! #awkward


Erin Hunter is a professional actor who has worked extensively in theatre and film since the age of five. She is known for her passion, creativity and playfulness which she brings to every project she works on!

Please explore the website to find out more about Erin's acting career.


Erin shoots in Donegal, Ireland!


Erin’s comedy duo have been commissioned by Connect Mental Health Charity to make a comedy video.  Coming to a small screen near you in September.


Erin performs in Eat Zagi


Erin is performing in development showings of Eat Zagi, an immersive theatre show with Angry Bairds at London performing arts centre JW3. The show is slated to run in New Year 2017.


Erin’s new headshots


Erin has just had some snazzy new headshots taken by Paul Aitchison of PMNA Photography. Check them out in the gallery.