A Quick Fortune Teaser Shoot!

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It’s off to the races!  Director Francesca Broadfoot held the reigns as we trotted off into the world of screwball with new, upcoming web series, A Quick Fortune.  With pratfalls and gags galore, and a darling dachshund, we shot our […]

Erin records her first audiobook

In Production
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Erin has booked her first voice job with new agent, Lip Service, and is currently recording a young adult fiction thriller!

A Quick Fortune: new screwball comedy

In Production
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Erin has teamed up with fellow actor-writer James Gavigan and director Francesca Broadfoot to create a brand new screwball comedy web series, A Quick Fortune, written in the classic screwball comedy style, set in the 1940s and shot in black and […]