Erin performs at Ukulele Cabaret!

Performance notices

Erin performed three comedy ukulele songs, including two debuts, about pregnancy and parenthood at Tricity Vogue’s monthly ukulele cabaret, to lots of laughs and a great  reception.

Erin performs in ObamAmerica

Performance notices
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 Erin performs in a festival of short plays at Theatre 503 this June, called ObamAmerica. The festival is about (you guessed it) life in the US under the presidency of Barack Obama.  Off The Cliff is a surreal and funny short in which Erin plays […]

Great reviews for Companion Piece

Performance notices
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Last chance to see Companion Piece and the reviews have been very strong.  Everything Theatre made Companion Piece their editor’s choice for the week, awarding it four stars and calling it ‘a clever and accomplished piece of writing’. A Views From The Gods praised its ‘great performances and some […]