Erin also makes stuff with her comedy duo Hunt The Vigan and creates solo work too: from comedy sketches and web series, to songs on the ukulele and theatre.

A Quick Fortune

Kate’s trying to win back her family fortune. Archie’s trying to make a quick buck. Together, they are both running out of luck.

Erin co-created and co-starred in A Quick Fortune, a new comedy web series set in the early 1940s, post Depression era America. It follows Kate, an impoverished heiress, and her lovesick pauper companion Archie. Together they are scheming to win back Kate’s lost fortune through a series of madcap adventures in five bite-size webisodes.

Erin has been nominated for Best Actress at Bilbao Web Fest. A Quick Fortune has won silver for screenwriting at the DC Web Fest and also garnered nominations for Best Director at Miami Web Fest, and Best Production Design at Rio Web Fest. Along with many official selections, it won the London Rolling Festival in October, screened at the Allingham Festival in Ireland, and Episode 1 was editors pick on the Web Series Channel. Its also enjoyed an interviewed on a major Irish radio station, an interview and review in Journeys in Classic Film and will soon feature in Vintage Life Magazine.

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Comedy Ukulele

Erin is creating comedy songs on her ukulele about her experiences of pregnancy and now motherhood. These are being released on youtube. Here’s the first one: Pregnancy is So Sci Fi. She is currently shooting What If My Baby’s An A**hole and The Parenthood Conspiracy.

Sketches for Newsrevue

Erin was a cast member in two runs of acclaimed sketch comedy show Newsrevue which has been running for over 30 years. Although the scripts are regularly recycled to keep up with the most current news, a few sketches stand the test of time, including this sketch Erin wrote about the Eurozone Crisis which stayed in the show for 6 months.

Download Eurozone Sketch (Adobe PDF)


  • A new surreal office comedy called God's Design Studios and a comedy web series about the conversations between a baby and her toys called Lottie and the Little Voices, written with her A Quick Fortune co-creator, James Gavigan under their new comedy duo name, Hunt The Vigan.
  • A comedy series demystifying the lives of new mothers.
  • A short film with her sister, writer and comedian, Melissa Hunter, most likely a comedy about sisters!
  • ○ Erin makes the best guacamole this side of the pond
  • ○ Erin never leaves the house without wearing something with a bit of color
  • ○ If Erin could have been alive in any era, it would be the 1940s
  • ○ Erin spent 2 years speaking only in RP...and a few people still think she is British
  • ○ Erin once had 14 sea urchin spines in her left heel due to a boogie boarding accident